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Professional Association of Diving Instructors PADI.
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Diving Wikipedia.
Look up diving or dive in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Diving usually refers to.: Diving sport, the sport of jumping into deep water. Underwater diving, human activity underwater for recreational or occupational purposes. Diving or Dive may also refer to.:
Underwater diving Wikipedia.
The medical aspects of diving and hyperbaric exposure include examination of divers to establish medical fitness to dive, diagnosis and treatment of diving disorders, treatment by recompression and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, toxic effects of gases in a hyperbaric environment, 1 and treatment of injuries incurred while diving which are not directly associated with depth or pressure.
Scuba diving Wikipedia.
The skills required for routine diving operations, including working as part of the diving team, planning of diving operations, and diving in open water, exposed to the normal hazards of the diving environment, decompression procedures, serving as attendant to another diver, communications and the safe use of the tools appropriate to the work.

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