Janet Park Datema

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| Dancer | Chorégraphe | Producer |

Throughout her youth, Janet Park Datema studied and performed modern dance under the direction of Kim, Wha-Suk in Seoul, South Korea. In school at UCLA and Washington University, she developed an additional interest in architecture, and the relationships of movement, objects, and environments. Professionally, Ms. Park Datema toured and performed with Gash/Voigt Dance Theatre for audiences throughout the U.S., Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Her contributions to Gash/Voigt also included costume and set design for performances Sacred Grounds and Changing Women. Ms. Park Datema’s later independent works included her producing and performing a contact-improv. dance piece within Andy Warhol’s floating sculpture Silver Clouds, producing and directing a dance theater piece entitled Josephine Bonaparte : Martinique to Malmaison, and directed and performing with New York-based Alexandra Beller in an improvisation piece incorporating digital artwork in the 2005 Digital Dance Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Ms. Park Datema’s inspirations are often responses to a piece of literature, opera, sculpture, architecture, digital media or other art-form. Listening to her responses, she then works reveal and celebrate her inspiration’s underlying humanity and beauty through the art of dance. In addition to her creative work, Ms. Park Datema is International Artistic Director for the Seoul International Dance Festival, and Curator and Co-Artistic Director of the Digital Performing Arts Festival – both in Seoul, South Korea. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Edison Theater at Washington University in St. Louis.

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