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qrcode-ABOU-BAKH-MENNAOUI It is sometimes difficult to transmit a message, no matter what we say or how we try to describe it. The words still can’t express what our spirit means. Our past, our passed life, our contact with people, our look, how people see us, how we see others, our point of view….it is a mixture of feelings and emotions which leads us to rebel and say no, say I love you, I want, I think, I canadian pharmacy degree want to be me, I’m not a pawn, I don’t want to be perfect anymore, I don’t want to be on time, I don’t genericviagra4u-totreat want to be guided by un unknown. Then, to break the glass there’s the viagra for sale usa movement, the gesture and the voice. Our body can finally talk and say whatever the words couldn’t say. A meeting between two bodies, two cultures, cialis 10 mg two lifestyles-two ways of expressing themselves. Not just two countries, but two continents that may have no point in common, censorial, physical or mental. We are going to try to look a little deeper, to find out if we can make a link between them and be strong enough to make the world understand that there is no cultural variety or geographical distance or skin color or….. The drive to pursue a goal needs a source of energy that feeds us and gives us force. Then, the source is the same and the goal is the same, it is only the canadian pharmacy actavis choices and the pathways that are different.

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